Tropical storm to end golden weather

A tropical storm could cast a damp pall over Wellington this weekend, ending a spell of settled, fine weather.

The weather system in the Coral Sea sitting over Vanuatu was likely to turn into a tropical cyclone, MetService forecasters predicted.

This cyclone could then travel south, bringing rain and wind, particularly to the North Island. The bad weather was set to hit Wellington mid-way through Saturday, forecasts showed.

The rest of the country would share the pain, with a wet weekend forecast from Auckland down to Christchurch.

However, meteorologists said the path the storm would take and areas of the country it might affect would become firmer in the next few days.

The majority of the country is currently basking under a large, slow-moving anticyclone. Forecasters expect the sunny, settled weather to continue until the end of the week.

The capital can expect fine days with the mercury hitting at least 20 degrees Celsius until Friday, but Wairarapa would be the place to be this week, with temperatures in the mid-twenties.

The Dominion Post