Compassion Creche on the move

18:48, May 19 2014
home of compassion
HISTORY: Home of Compassion Creche, Buckle St, Wellington. Built in 1914 for Mother Suzanne Aubert it was New Zealand's first purpose built creche. The building is a category 1 listed building with the Historic Places Trust.

The historic Home of Compassion Creche on Buckle St took its first few tentative steps towards its new home yesterday as construction workers began slowly pulling the 100-year-old building off its foundations on Buckle St using hydraulic rams.

The process, which will be carried out over the next couple of days, is the first in a three-stage relocation that will relocate the creche to its new home 15 metres west of its current resting place and 3.2 metres higher.

From there, the building will be restored and the National War Memorial Park will be built around it.

The creche is a physical reminder of the life and beliefs of the nun Mother Suzanne Aubert who is renowned for her pioneering social work in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

She is being considered by the Vatican to become New Zealand's first Catholic saint. 


The Dominion Post