Tennis ball jammed in sculpture

04:06, Jun 26 2009
ON THE BALL: The tennis ball jammed in the Fern Ball sculpture.

A cheeky tennis ace has served up a problem for Civic Square's Fern Ball sculpture by jamming a ball between two of its aluminium silver fern leaves.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said it would cost $500 to hire a cherry picker to reach the Fern Ball, suspended high above the square, and dislodge the tennis ball.

However, he said officials would wait until later in the year, when maintenance was scheduled for the sculpture.

"We have a rolling maintenance programme for the Fern Ball because it is attached to buildings with stressed guy wires [tensioned cables]. That comes around in October when the tennis ball will be removed, if it hasn't been blown out by the wind," he said.

The Fern Ball, created by Neil Dawson, was suspended in the square in 1998.


The Dominion Post