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If you need your advertising to reach more people in the capital, you’ve come to the right place! 

The Dominion Post offers an extensive range of advertising options across both print and digital platforms enabling our advertisers to connect with potential customers of all age groups and interests.
From in-depth newspaper stories to timely updates on our readers can get it all.  Wellingtonians come to us for their news as we know what issues and topics affect their lives.  We offer an experience unique to the people of this region and our readers trust us to keep them informed and entertained.

* Wellingtonians turn to The Dominion Post and/or each week for their news, entertainment and advertising.

In a nutshell - Wellingtonians get us and we get them. Plain and simple.

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*Source: Nielsen Consumer Media Insights Q2 2012- Q1 2013, Wellington 15+




Newspaper advertising provides a current medium that can reach engaged readers in appropriate sections. Newspaper advertising presents the opportunity to communicate a message to readers and can focus on building company brands.

When comparing press advertising with radio listenership, it is clear that The Dominion Post can provide the maximum reach. One insert in The Dominion Post roughly reaches the same as four of the top radio stations over a whole week.

Read further details on how press advertising reaches more people than radio (PDF).

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