Four players sent off in mass brawl

Wellington football officials have demanded an explanation after a fiery club game in which four players were sent off.

Two players from either side were dismissed in Saturday's match at Hutt Park between Stop Out and Lower Hutt City.

Capital Football chief executive Richard Reid said he was concerned by the ''serious'' incident but couldn't comment on online chatter  that an ugly brawl had unfolded between the two teams.

''Anything out of the ordinary which potentially brings the game into disrepute is not good,'' Reid said.

''But eyewitnesses are of no concern to us. That may be part of what Stop Out may say, but Capital Football's witness or representative is the referee.''

Stop Out have been issued with a "please explain" notice after an incident report from referee Bryan Botha and have until close of business tomorrow to respond to Capital Football, who will then make a ruling.

Club chairman Neil Kemp was at the game but said he did not have a good enough view of the incident to comment.

The club was investigating what happened while Lower Hutt president Jim Baxter declined to comment.

Reid said Capital Football was determined to stamp out bad behaviour and had sent out ''half a dozen'' reminders this season.

League leaders Stop Out won the game 3-1.

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