Why do AFL players wear tight shorts?

04:30, Sep 12 2012
LONG AND SHORT OF IT: AFL players' shorts often leave little to the imagination.
SHORT SHORTS: The searing Australian heat is one reason for AFL players' skimpy attire.
SHORT STUFF: The AFL is not above using its players' physiques to capture the attention of female viewers.
BROTHERS IN SHORTS: The more modest AFL players wear a second, tighter pair of shorts beneath their uniform shorts in a bid to cover up.
LOOKING SHARP: Some AFL players are very proud of their lean physiques.

The short, tight shorts of AFL uniforms are something of a sartorial travesty. We can only blame the searing Australian summer heat and the need to run and leap freely for the players' revealing attire.

The AFL has tried to use the sport's skimpy garb to its advantage: fit, muscular players in tight shorts and sleeveless tops were once a focal point of AFL advertising, part of a bid to get more women interested in the sport.

Though today's Australian rules shorts are only a little longer than undies, we can be thankful that hemlines have come down since the 1980s.