Johnsonville hold lead

Upsets were again a feature of the day in premier bowls interclub competition on Saturday.

The major surprises were in the women's competition, where Stokes Valley defeated a full-strength Victoria team 21-1, while Silverstream defeated third-placed Hutt 21-2.

Both Victoria and Hutt bounced back in the afternoon round to beat Massey Avenue and Stokes Valley, respectively. Silverstream continued their good day, defeating Petone Central 19-4 in the afternoon round.

Leaders Johnsonville continued strongly, winning the morning round over Petone Central 14-7 and handing Titahi Bay a 22-0 defeat in the afternoon.

Johnsonville lead the women's competition by 28 points with three of the nine rounds to play, with Island Bay, Hutt and Silverstream making up the top four. Massey Avenue and Petone Central are in the relegation positions.

In the men's competition, the biggest wins on the day were recorded by Victoria, who defeated Naenae 21-0, Stokes Valley, who beat Hutt 22-0 and Johnsonville, who handed Hutt their second big defeat of the day, 22-0.

Stokes Valley took the lead from Johnsonville. However, the top four at the start of the day remain, with Wilton and Upper Hutt making up the top spots. Hutt slipped from sixth to ninth place, with Naenae at the foot of the table after being second in early rounds.

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