Jesse Ryder's parties anger neighbours

00:03, Nov 26 2009
Natalie Stratmore
PLAGUED BY PARTIES: Grace Broomhall, 6, and mother Natalie Stratmore are neighbours of Jesse Ryder (inset).

Troubled cricketer Jesse Ryder is upsetting his neighbours, who say his friends are vomiting on their homes and doing burnouts down the street during late-night boozy parties.

Neighbour Natalie Stratmore said Ryder moved in about a month ago and since then has had loud drunken parties every weekend from Thursday till Sunday.

"From the moment he moved in here, he's been a pain in the butt," she said. "It's my lifestyle that's being wrecked. It's just constant."

Batsman Ryder's promising career has been plagued by alcohol abuse and disciplinary issues. Critics say his problems relate not just to alcohol consumption, but also his inability to present himself the way an international player should.

His manager Aaron Klee said Ryder, 25, was working harder than ever toward getting fit and his personal life was his own business.

"I don't think there's any indication Jesse is drinking whether it's at all or anything like he has in the past."


Ryder's $690,000 home in Kelson, Lower Hutt, shares a driveway. Miss Stratmore said she had seen Ryder drinking, but it was his guests who had vomited off his deck on to the driveway, vomited and urinated against his fence, and done burnouts in the street after drinking.

"On one occasion the wind ... blew the stomach contents of a friend of Mr Ryder's all down the side of our property."

Her partner spoke to Ryder about the vomit. He apologised and pulled his friend inside. But the partying continued the next weekend. She had not called council noise control and did not want to bother police.

"I understand being 25, but when you're an international cricket player you'd think he'd pull his head in.

"Cricket is supposed to be a gentleman's game."

Mr Klee said the scrutiny was inappropriate. "Is it abnormal for someone to have people or parties at their house?

"I've been working with him for 18 months now and the last six weeks is the hardest he's ever worked. I cannot be happier with what he's been doing."

Ryder is no stranger to problems. His high-profile drinking incidents include putting his hand through a window in a Christchurch bar while drunk and abusing hospital staff.

In September, he faced a misconduct charge after smashing a chair as he left the field in South Africa and abusing manager Dave Currie.

He is recuperating after straining his adductor in that game against Sri Lanka.

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