Fans react to Herbert resignation

20:42, Feb 25 2013

Good riddance or sad loss? Ricki Herbert's reported resignation drew a mixed reaction from fans on the Yellow Fever website forum this morning, though the coach was mostly lauded for his work.

"I'm personally guttered. I know it is time for ricki to leave, but would have rather he left it til the end of the season. Tell the players and try pick up some points to gain some credibility. Ricki has been one of, if not the most important person for this club and I hope he gets the respectful farewell he deserves."

"If we fans were pathetic and unsophisticated for being frustrated about poor results, and Ricki has now gone as a result of poor results, what does that make Gareth and the Board???"

 "Thanks Ricki. Integral part of a team that rescued professional football in New Zealand."

 "Many thanks to Ricki. Looking forward to plenty of pathetic unsophistication under a new coach!"

"Yay ! So happy today ! Trust me, this is good news. Sometimes you just have to throw away the stale bread."


"According to some, people were staying away [from Westpac Stadium] in their 1000s until ricki left. So should be a great crowd tomorrow!"

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"Should have been handled more gracefully. Quite obvious that Ricki has been pushed."

"Greenie and Gouldy to take over. Don't worry lads, they've had experience coaching the reserves.......oh s***, we're doomed."

"As much of an advocate I may be for Herbert stepping down, I still think there is a more amicable way of doing it, and it serves no purpose to sack him now. If they did it at the end of the season they could find a decent replacement."

"I have no faith in Welnix's ability to spot coaching talent. None at all. They'll go for the safe option - Greenie, or some loser from the ASB Prem. And after we lose every game for the rest of the season, I'll get my BRING BACK RICKI T-shirt printed."

"The owners have been over optimistic in their prescriptions and then over hasty in the fixes and I wonder how this will help in the long run."

"A very sad day, but inevitable.  If it weren't for Ricki there probably wouldn't even by a 'Nix, but recent form and results show he lost his way.  That's not unusual.  It is pretty rare for a manager to maintain that magic touch over an extended period of time."

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