Henry's 1, 2, 3 formula for success - it's simple

17:00, May 17 2012
Joline Henry
SHADOW: Wherever Madison Browne goes, Joline Henry will be sure to follow.

Sighs, pauses, knowing smiles – Joline Henry rolled out the lot.

And, in between times, the Central Pulse wing defence and vice-captain was pretty clear about where her team are going missing at the moment.

The Pulse sit ninth on the trans-Tasman league standings and host the table-topping Adelaide Thunderbirds at TSB Bank Arena on Monday night. It is a match Henry believes they can win, provided people do their job.

"We need to score our goals and we need to score off our turnover ball – it's that simple," Henry said last night.

"If we score at least 80 per cent of our own centre pass [ball] and at least 70 per cent of our turnover ball, we will win the game.

"Until we do that, we won't. Our stats have never been above 80 per cent all season, for our own centre pass, and you're already pushing something uphill before you've started if you can't score 80 per cent of your own possession."


She said there were times when ball was thrown away but that was not the Pulse's biggest problem.

"Our shooters need to become a bit more at one with the post and try and get our shooting stats up. We're ninth on shooting stats in the competition, which doesn't bode well."

The Pulse's 56.86 attempts per match are the ninth fewest in the league, and they occupy the same spot in terms of accuracy at 76.6 per cent.

Individually, the team's main shooters, Caitlin Thwaites and Paula Griffin, are going at 84.9 and 63.9 per cent, respectively.

"If we're going to be real about things, you need to look at what it says on your bib and if you don't have seven players on the team that are doing their roles, according to what their bib says, then you're not going to win games," Henry said.

"I think for every game we've played, even those that we've won, someone has been responsible for not doing their job."

Henry felt "sure" everyone in the team was realistic about how they were going individually.

"But in order for us to make changes, we need them to make changes," she said.

"Something's just not working because we've got a great coach [Robyn Broughton] and what I believe is a really good backbone, in terms of key players.

"You've got the likes of Katrina [Grant] at the back, myself in the mid [court], Millie [Lees], who can do a pearler job, and Caitlin Thwaites, who's really steady.

"So you've got the bones and the structure and I guess what I'm saying is that we need to get people around them that can give better service."

Henry is adamant that the Pulse can improve their two win-five loss record. For now, though, the former Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic and Northern Mystics star just has to accept that the Pulse are a different beast to those teams.

"I do get disheartened, I'm not going to lie about it.

"What I need to remember is is that no-one goes out there with the intent to play poorly."

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