Wellington Sevens 2012 games schedule

While the Wellington Sevens is known for costumes, colour and a party atmosphere, it's also about exhilarating, world-class sevens rugby.

Both Friday and Saturday are packed with non-stop rugby and all the games at Westpac Stadium are kept to an extremely tight schedule, so plan the games you really want to see and keep an eye on the clock.

The pool games start on Friday at 1pm. They are all 22 minutes long and played back-to-back, with the last game at 9.56pm.

Saturday is finals day and games also start at 1pm, but the major finals from 7.30pm onwards are all 30 minutes with an eight minute break between them.

The shield final is at 7.30pm on Saturday with the bowl final at 8.00pm and the plate final at 8.30pm.

If you do happen miss most of the action during the two days, the tournament final is at 9.30pm on Saturday night.

New Zealand's first game is against Scotland at 3:12pm on Friday. They will also play Japan at 6:08pm and Samoa at 9:56pm, which is likely to be the game of the day.

A parade of nations will be held on Friday at 7.55pm, followed by a women's exhibition match.

Booths open for ticket collection at 11am and gates open at 12pm on Friday and 12.30pm on Saturday.

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1 B1 v B3 South Africa v USA 1:00pm
2 B2 v B4 England v Cook Islands 1:22
3 C1 v C3 Fiji v Argentina 1:44
4 C2 V C4 Wales v Tonga 2:06
5 D1 v D3 France v Canada 2.28
6 D2 v D4 Australia v Kenya 2:50
7 A1 v A3 New Zealand v Scotland 3:12
8 A2 v A4 Samoa v Japan 3:34
9 B1 v B4 South Africa v Cook Islands 3:56
10 B2 v B3 England v USA 4:18
11 C1 v C4 Fiji v Tonga 4:40
12 C2 v C3 Wales v Argentina 5:02
13 D1 v D4 France v Kenya 5:24
14 D2 v D3 Australia v Canada 5:46
15 A1 v A4 New Zealand v Japan 6:08
16 A2 v A3 Samoa v Scotland 6:30
17 B3 v B4 USA v Cook Islands 6:52
18 C3 v C4 Argentina v Tonga 7:14
19 D3 v D4 Canada v Kenya 7:36
Parade of Nations 7:55
Women's Exhibition Match 8:07
20 A3 v A4 Scotland v Japan 8:28
21 B1 v B2 South Africa v England 8:50
22 C1 v C2 Fiji v Wales 9:12
23 D1 v D2 France v Australia 9:34
24 A1 v A2 New Zealand v Samoa 9:56
25 ¼ Finals Bowl 3rd Pool A v 4th Pool D 22 minutes 1:00pm
26 ¼ Finals Bowl 3rd Pool C v 4th Pool B 22 minutes 1:22
27 ¼ Finals Bowl 3rd Pool D v 4th Pool A 22 minutes 1:44
28 ¼ Finals Bowl 3rd Pool B v 4th Pool C 22 minutes 2:06
Interval 5 Minutes
29 ¼ Finals Cup 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool D 22 minutes 2:33
30 ¼ Finals Cup 1st Pool C v 2nd Pool B 22 minutes 2:55
31 ¼ Finals Cup 1st Pool D v 2nd Pool A 22 minutes 3:17
32 ¼ Finals Cup 1st Pool B v 2nd Pool C 22 minutes 3:39
Interval 9 Minutes
33 SF Shield Loser Match 25 v Loser Match 26 22 minutes 4:10
34 SF Shield Loser Match 27 v Loser Match 28 22 minutes 4:32
35 SF Bowl Winner Match 25 v Winner Match 26 22 minutes 4:54
36 SF Bowl Winner Match 27 v Winner Match 28 22 minutes 5:16
37 SF Plate Loser Match 29 v Loser Match 30 22 minutes 5:38
38 SF Plate Loser Match 31 v Loser Match 32 22 minutes 6:00
Interval 13 Minutes
39 SF Cup Winner Match 29 v Winner Match 30 25 minutes 6:35
40 SF Cup Winner Match 31 v Winner Match 32 22 minutes 7:00
Interval 8 Minutes
41 Shield Final Winner Match 33 v Winner Match 34 30 minutes 7:30
42 Bowl Final Winner Match 35 v Winner Match 36 30 minutes 8:00
43 Plate Final Winner Match 37 v Winner Match 38 30 minutes 8:30
44 3rd & 4th place playoff
Loser Match 39 v Loser Match 40 22 minutes 9.00
Draw for Pools 8 minutes 9.22
45 Cup Final Winner Match 39 v Winner Match 40 30 minutes 9:30
Presentations to take place after each final

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