NASTY SURPRISE: James Whitaker is still trying to get rid of the stench of the sewage he came across while surfing in Lyall Bay yesterday.

Sewage spoils it for surfer

Julie Ash - The Dominion Post

Several hours after his early morning surf James Whitaker was still trying to rid himself of the stench he encountered at Wellington's Lyall Bay.

Making rugby truly inclusive

JOHN CAMPBELL - Sunday Star Times

OPINION:This week, rugby will embrace the people of two nations in a way it never has before.

Runners not horsing around

Jessy Edwards - Stuff

"It’ll be fun for the first 100 metres, and then it’s just going to be a nightmare."

Flashback: Crash like a closing door

Tom Hunt - Stuff

Flight 441 slammed explosively into a rock face in 1963 and for 15 years was our worst air disaster.

Last salute for Captain Hurricane

Jessy Edwards - Stuff

New Captain Hurricane wanted as long-time mascot Nathan Lewer retires after 21 years.

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