Holiday horror stories

05:00am 24 Dec 2014

What's your worst holiday experience? Help ease the pain by sharing your story.

Sometimes the unexpected can be the best part of a holiday. But if that unexpected includes torrential rain/cancelled flights/swarms of bees/any type of massive disappoinment, then it's usually not the trip highlight.

However, once the wounds heal, it's those stories we laugh the most about later. So start that process by sharing the story of your great holidays gone bad.

Maybe your summer holiday was a washout. Maybe you took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong country.

Tell us tale of woe and send us some photos by hitting the 'contribute' button.

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Wine-infused ice-cream is finally happening

02:32pm 18 Dec 2014


Some incredibly intelligent humans just invented wine-infused ice-cream so now we never have to get drunk on an empty stomach again. Hurrah! 

Mercer's wine-infused ice cream contains a whole 5 per cent alcohol, setting it apart from the deceitful wine-flavoured ice cream already on the market. The game-changing invention comes in seven different flavours — Cherry Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Spiced, Riesling and Strawberry Sparkling — and brings a whole new meaning to the words "dessert wine".

The bad news is that the ice-cream is currently only available in upstate New York. International vendors are in the works, however, and it surely will not be long before Kiwi shoppers are ditching wine and cheese for a different dairy product.

Although you need proof of age to buy the products, Mercer's maintain that you can't actually get drunk on the stuff. We think they underestimate just how much we love ice-cream.

Being a recently dumped single lady has never been so easy! The Bridget Jones-esque post relationship wallow just became a one-step process. 

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How can we end the cycle of family violence?

05:00am 17 Jun 2014

What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful child abuse and domestic violence statistics?

According to Aviva, which runs the ReachOut support service for men who have used violence, an increasing number of younger men are using violence against family members - "mostly mums".

Earlier this year, the long-awaited Glenn Inquiry report into child abuse and domestic violence also identified flaws in the system designed to protect those subject to violence, highlighting poor training and co-ordination among institutions and agencies.

The Family Court was widely criticised, and poor communication within the courts was perceived as helping perpetrators avoid facing consequences for their actions.

Child Youth and Family, and Work and Income NZ were also the focus of complaints of those who spoke to the inquiry.

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In my beauty bag: Leonie Barlow

07:51am 18 Dec 2014

As the recently crowned NZ Girl Blogger of the Year for 2014, Leonie Barlow is constantly in tune with what's new in fashion and beauty for her lifestyle blog, The Style Insider. Here's a peek into her routine and the cosmetics on her current love list.


I'm a little obsessive about my skincare routine. At the moment I'm using Murad products and find them really great. They are fairly hard-hitting which is exactly what my ageing skin needs.

I religiously apply sunscreen to my face each day and I'm really slack when it comes to applying it to my body. My favourite sunscreen at the moment is Murad's Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30. I also really love Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30+ – it's a great price and a great product.

Do I enjoy facials? Is the Pope Catholic? I love facials, although these days I tend to go for slightly more heavy-duty microdermal facials for their great anti-ageing effects. However I was recently treated to a totally luxurious Sodashi facial at The Pullman and it was absolute bliss.

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Top five reader comments of the day

02:30pm 17 Dec 2014

A kayak on a car roof, idiotic males, and debate over the way to make your bed the cosiest it can be - today's top comments have come from across the board.


5. Choosing a pillow wisely, picking a fluffy duvet, and having a mattress cover are all tips in today's story on how to get your cosiest bed yetRamona B has heard rumours of going the extra mile for a good night's sleep:

"When I re-make my bed I tuck the bottom sheet in tightly again - can't stand the creases and sagginess. Smooth sheets feel so much better.

"I've heard ironed sheets are the last word... But I'm not that dedicated."

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