Top five comments: Stuff readers sledge back

03:00pm 25 Feb 2015

Big-mouthed Australian cricketer David Warner can expect a hostile reception at the sold-out Eden Park match between Australia and New Zealand after goading Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum and Kiwi fans today.

If these top five reader comments are anything to go by, the Aussies are in for a tough crowd this Saturday.

5. Flyschwa took to being mature about it: 

"Too right, I am proud of this team not stooping down to their level. Win or lose this game, we are on a better level."

4. Although Warner's criticism was mainly directed at Brendon McCullum, Alex11 reminds him of the other world class batsmen in the team:

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For whom should the motorway bell toll?

11:30am 29 Oct 2014

The race is on to plug a $12 billion transport funding shortfall for the Auckland region over the next 30 years, but who should pay?

Auckland's proposed 10-year budget asks residents if they want a $2-per-trip toll, a fuel tax, or a targeted rate to make up the funding gap.

Submissions show two-thirds of Aucklanders say they support some form of motorway toll to pay for the city's future transport needs.  

What's your view? Is it fair for Aucklanders to have to foot the bill, or should everyone who uses the road contribute? Maybe you have a better idea to fill in the shortfall?

Click the big green button to get involved.

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Garden a 'special place' for city kids

05:00am 07 Feb 2015


Water features, orchards and tree huts will feature in a new Children's Garden for Wellington.

Work on the project in the Botanic Gardens should begin in the middle of this year after a $650,000 funding boost got the project over the line.

The funding from the Plimmer Bequest, a trust that helps finance natural beautification and planting projects in the city, was agreed by the Wellington City Council's environment committee late last year, and will be confirmed in the long-term plan.

It comes on top of $750,000 the bequest had already granted to the project. A further $350,000 still needs to be raised, with plans to get sponsors on board to fund different features within the garden.

The garden will be on a 1500 square metre sloped section at the centre of the Botanic Gardens, between the playground and the Treehouse education and interpretive centre.

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Have you made a huge health change?

02:30pm 31 Jul 2013

We are constantly bombarded with celebrity body transformation stories, but we want to hear some inspiring stories from real people.

Stories like Christchurch woman Kirsty Dunford who battled earthquake stress to shed nearly half her body weight.

How did you take control of your body and health to make a huge change in your life?

What made you want to change? And how did you do it?

No doubt there were struggles and obstacles along the way, what were they? What advice do you have for others undertaking a similar challenge?

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How can we fight fat in NZ?

05:00am 17 Feb 2014

The battle of the buldge in New Zealand is getting tough as adult obesity nears a third of our population.

What do you think needs to be done to help Kiwis fight fat? 

Health advocates say drastic intervention is needed to stave off a diabetes crisis in New Zealand.

Dr Gabrielle Jenkin, an Otago University of Wellington health academic, says Government policymakers are reluctant to legislate against "Big Food" - industry powers such as Fonterra, Coca-Cola, Heinz Wattie's, fast food chains and Foodstuffs and Progressive supermarkets.

Meanwhile new research shows a tax on sugary drinks could save lives and reduce New Zealand's obesity burden. The research, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, shows a 20 per cent tax on sugary soft drinks would prevent 67 deaths from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and diet-related cancers per year.

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