How has breast cancer affected your life?

11:09am 11 Oct 2013

According to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is the most common cancer among Kiwi women, affecting one in nine.

Around 650 women still die from the disease every year, although most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough. 

It's not just women it affects. Men can also get breast cancer, although it is not as common.   

We want to hear how breast cancer has affected your life.

Have you survived breast cancer or are you currently undergoing treatment? Maybe you've supported family or friends through their diagnosis.

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Is it time to vote reality TV off?

12:00pm 06 Aug 2013

There is a overflow of reality shows on at the moment with no sign of them falling out of favour with the networks.

But what do you, the viewer, think of these shows?

The X Factor New Zealand finale drew an average of 326,380 viewers - a significant drop from the 2013 final - but the success of The Bachelor New Zealand shows we're still keen to tune in.

Watching people attempt to sing, cook, fix houses, dance and live together is fun, but how much more can we take?

Is it OK to peek into other people's lives for a bit of light entertainment, or is it voyeurism gone too far?

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How do you manage savings?

12:00pm 24 Jun 2013

When it comes to savings, loads of Kiwis are finding it hard to get ahead. So if you're a fan of frugality, we want to know how you do it.

With only modest wage increases and soaring house prices, housing affordability is at its worst level in years. And after housing, it seems the biggest drain on family finances is food with the average household spending $193 a week.

But there are plenty of money savvy people out there who seem to be able to make a dollar stretch to five, who ferret away money for those rainy days and big ticket bills. If this is you, we want your advice.

Give us your tips for saving with other Kiwis. Do you have a plan mapped out? Is there a secret to keeping track of your money?

What's the most extreme thing you've done to save some cash? Did it work and would you do it again? 

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Are refs having too much impact on games?

12:47pm 18 May 2015

Referees are back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after a series of controversial calls in the Chiefs-Hurricanes Super Rugby match on Saturday.

The television match official and referee's failure to identify cynical infringing by a Hurricanes forward playing at the ball while on the ground in the final minutes of the match cost the Chiefs a shot at victory.

It wasn't the only contentious ruling in the match with a few dicey forward pass calls and a dangerous lifting tackle decision all adding to the cauldron of Chiefs fan contempt.

Do you think match officials have too much influence on the result of games? Are we right to criticise them?

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Should schools rule your kid's looks?

05:00am 17 Oct 2014

Where do you stand on school rules that define your child's appearance?

A Christchurch mother is battling against what she describes as "sexist" rules in a bid to allow her 16-year-old son to keep his beard at school.

It's not the first time schools have been challenged over rules dictating pupils' appearance. 

In 2014, a Feilding mum had to fight to keep her son from being stood down over his fashionable haircut.

And 16-year-old St John's College Hastings student Lucan Battinson and his family won a court battle after he was suspended for refusing to cut his hair.

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