DVD review: Bad Grandpa

01:08, Jun 06 2014
DVD review: Bad Grandpa
DVD review: Bad Grandpa

DVD review: Bad Grandpa

(Paramount Pictures,  R16)

You either love him, or you hate him. I used to think Jackass was pretty funny, in its infancy I guess or honeymoon phase. Now Jackass has got old. Literally. His new offering is Bad Grandpa where he transforms into an 86-year-old man.

Characterised as Irving Zisman he ends up going on a road trip with his eight-year-old 'nephew' Billy, played by Jackson Nicholl. Acting wise, the pair are pretty good, and convincing. I mean, who, after all would expect Jackass, or Johnny Knoxville, to grow old so quickly and do his stupid stunts?

It's fair to say there isn't a demographic - sex, age, race, religion, beliefs - that the pair don't cross. They even cross
mourners at a funeral. That wasn't that funny. Not because it centred around the supposed death of someone, it just wasn't actual funny.

There were a few bits I fast forwarded, including when Zisman gatecrashed a bar where men were stripping for women and he ended up in his undies. However, there was a LOL - laugh out loud - moment involving Billy and him dressing up as a young girl as a child beauty pageant contestant.

Overall, if you like Jackass, you'll probably enjoy this. If you haven't experienced Jackass before, check out some
of his older, original stuff. This might put you off.