Blu-ray review: Her

00:58, Jun 06 2014
Blu-ray review: Her
Blu-ray review: Her.

Blu-ray review: Her

(Sony Pictures, R16)

Spike Jonze's unconventional love story about a socially isolated man and his computer scored big during the awards season, picking up an Academy Award and Golden Globe for its screenplay.

The accolades are well deserved, with Jonze's crafting a strikingly original tale.

However it is the romantic chemistry between the movie's two main characters,  Theodore Twombly (Joaquin
Phoenix) and computer operating system Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), which is truly remarkable - largely for the fact Johansson never appears on screen.

It is Samantha's bright, playful voice that draws Theodore into a wonderfully complex, engaging relationship.


The film is set in the not so distant future where people invest as much time conversing with their computers as they do each other.

It's a world where people chat remotely to their computers via earpieces and walk around oblivious to their surroundings.

Any parent of a teenager with a smart phone will  appreciate this scenario.

The beauty of Jonze's film is it gives us a glimpse into a future where social detachment doesn't necessarily condemn a person to loneliness.

Scientists estimate that human artifacts (devices) are evolving a million times quicker than Darwin's evolution.

That fact is captured in Theodore's romantic relationship with Samantha.

While Samantha's "feelings" for Theodore carry the hallmarks of a first love, her rapid evolution quickly create issues for the pair.

A deeply satisfying film and one of Phoenix's finest to date.