Ellie Goulding wows Auckland

WOW FACTOR: British singer Ellie Goulding
WOW FACTOR: British singer Ellie Goulding

British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding literally moves to the beat of her own drum.
The electro-pop performer put on an energetic live show for a packed Vector Arena in Auckland last night.
Her husky vocals were spot on but the show was stolen by her crowd-hyping drum solos.
The standing audience pulsed as the 27-year-old pummelled the over-sized drum every time the mood needed lifting, which to be fair wasn't often.
Hyperactive lights kicked off the show and Goulding had no trouble keeping the intensity up through the hour-long set.
Goulding danced and jumped around the stage in her black harem pants and midriff-showing top, covering every inch of the crowd.
After watching Goulding's athletic performance there was no questioning why her abs are so well-defined.
Goulding's performance of her first ever single Starry Eyed garnered an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.
But the number one song of the evening was her latest hit single Burn.
The song, which the popstar co-wrote and released last year, had every person in the stadium on their feet.
Hundreds of smartphones captured the electric number and a lone glowstick waved erratically in appreciation.
The upbeat songs Goulding is best known for were tempered with a few slower numbers, most memorably her rendition of Elton John's Your Song.
The singer did well with the arrangement, making it her own while keeping the essence of the Elton John classic.
Goulding's soulful version was haunting and showcased the singer's true ability, something which is often lost at stadium shows that rely on excessive instrumentals and over-the-top lighting.
While Goulding didn't overdo the special effects a couple of well-placed spotlights and smoke added to the humming atmosphere.
Auckland duo The Broods opened the show last night.
The act had a similar vibe to Goulding's, making it a fitting way to kick off the evening.
The pop duo is fronted by singer Georgia Nott, with her brother Caleb Nott covering the instrumentals, production and backing vocals.
Like Goulding, Nott's performance was fun and up-beat but there was arguably too much squatting involved the dance sequences.
Broods' Coattails was a winner with the crowd and showed the duo have the potential to become another Kiwi pop success.
Broods was well-received by the audience, who seemed to know some of the songs, despite the band only starting in full force last year.