OK Go are back with another brain-breaking video

OK Go were once known for their catchy rock songs and dweeby appearance. Once upon a time they made traditional band-in-a-room videos like everyone else

Now, nobody can tell you what they sound like, but they can definitely tell you about their incredible music videos.

From the captivating treadmill choreography of Here It Goes Again to the elaborate Rube Goldberg machine in This Too Shall Pass, OK Go have become That Bad With The Wacky Videos, determined to one-up themselves every time. Their latest, The Writing's On The Wall, is no exception.

Done in one shot like the rest, The Writing's On The Wall has the band taking advantage of perspective-based optical illusions, running around a giant warehouse/funhouse and blending in with the scenery thanks to a series of costume changes.

It's the music video embodiment of this GIF:


-The Vine