DVD review: Broadchurch

DVD review: Broadchurch.
DVD review: Broadchurch.

DVD review: Broadchurch

(Roadshow Entertainment, M)

It's a challenge not to watch all eight episodes of Broadchurch in one or two sittings.

It starts with the discovery of the body of 11 year old Danny Latimer on the beach of the idyllic British seaside town. It appears Danny has jumped from the cliffs to his death. New Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) is assigned to the case with Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman). The story follow them as they break the news to Danny's family, the camera making viewers feel like voyeurs as we watch some of those scenes in the lounge from the corner of a mirror in the hall.

This direction, from early in episode 1, draws viewers into the story making them feel like a helpless bystander who is dying to know what happens next.

The police discover Danny was strangled, probably by a man, and the story explores the good folk of Broadchurch's reaction to the murder. Hardy's from Scotland and suspects everyone from the Dorset town, Miller's from Broadchurch and can't bring herself to believe that anyone in her virtually crime free town is capable of such an act.

Writer and producer Chris Chibnall was keen to examine the impact of such a terrible crime on the small community. At the heart of the narrative is the police investigation as it investigates different characters, many of who you have grown fond of as the police turn to them.

Chibnall deliberately didn't reveal who the killer was to any of the cast until near the end of the shoot so the game wouldn't be given away through a subtle look early on in the story.

The story, alone, might be enough to hook most viewers in but Broadchurch has another drawcard - the beautiful locations where it is filmed in Bridport, on the south coast, and Clevedon, in the West Country. The way these locations are filmed for this series make them appear otherworldly.

Doctor Who fans will enjoy seeing the tenth Doctor himself, Tennant, on screen with his own Scottish accent. Colman appeared in eleventh Doctor Matt Smith's first story The Eleventh Hour alongside Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams. Darvill plays Broadchurch's vicar. Chibnall is also well known as a Doctor Who writer.

The series was such a success that a second one has already been ordered.

A short, behind the scenes, documentary finishes this three disk release off.