Bieber sends rude crotch shot to model

00:30, Jul 15 2014

Justin Bieber takes selfies to a new low, sending a a picture of his crotch to a model.

Bieber posted the photo of his crotch with an obvious bulge on the right hand side of his maroon tracksuit pants. He then tagged model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke and captioned the picture: "Those sun glasses are pretty big ...".

The cheeky comment was in response to a photograph Ella-Paige posted of herself on photo sharing website Shots.

In the photo Ella-Paige wears oversized sunglasses, a leather jacket, a broad rimmed hat and a Superman crop top.

The model has previously denied having a relationship with Bieber, although the two did attend Justin Timberlake's Brit Award's after party together 2013.

After that gig Ella-Paige tweeted: "Justin's not dating Ella-Paige, she's only an acquaintance".

Later that year she was photographed with Bieber at his hotel in the early hours of the morning after a night partying in London.