Twitter's best 25 reactions to the Bloom/Bieber fight

22:31, Jul 31 2014

Finally, an Orlando Bloom plot line everyone can get behind.

Bloom allegedly tried, and failed, to punch Justin Bieber outside Cipriani Restaurant in Ibiza, Spain on Wednesday, TMZ reports. The fight began when Bieber yelled "What's up, bitch?" at Bloom, who then confronted the 20-year-old pop star.

While no one can say for sure what started the feud, there are several rumors circulating that Bieber and Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr, a Victoria's Secret model, briefly dated in 2012, while Kerr was still married. Paparazzi have also caught Bloom hanging out with Bieber's ex Selena Gomez.


"@jdbftcake:" 😍😍😍


And the plot thickens...

Shortly after the fight, Bieber Instagrammed a picture of a bikini-clad Kerr with a crown emoji caption. Bieber quickly deleted the picture.


Within minutes of the reports, Beliebers and Bloomers (is this a thing yet?) went on Twitter to stand their ground. Basically a bunch of tweeny girls defended Biebs saying he was bullied. Meanwhile, the rest of the world bowed down to Bloom for doing what everyone else has fantasized about doing since "Baby" hit the airwaves.

Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber in the face so now I guess I have to go see that third Hobbit movie.

Aaaaand, just like that, Orlando Bloom becomes the world's greatest humanitarian. #nonbelieber

*places a flower crown on Orlando Bloom's head*

Everyone knows elves and dwarves don't get along. RT @Gawker Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night.


I tell you what, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Orlando Bloom. I hate feeling a breeze on my face.

Maybe Orlando Bloom tried to punch some talent in Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber and Orlando Bloom had a vicious would that be? Like two barbie dolls getting smashed together by a toddler

if i had to pick someone to punch justin bieber, orlando bloom wouldn't be at the top of my list, but i'll certainly take it.

Orlando Bloom punched out Justin Bieber. Just another reminder that you don't have to wear a cape to be a superhero.

Orlando Bloom for President!

Orlando Bloom isn't the hero we deserve, but he's the one we need.


Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber reportedly got into a fight proving these Beyonce and Jay Z theories are really taking a toll on all of us.

Yo, as a collective do we owe Orlando Bloom money or something? 'coz I'm willing to part with some cash if he hit him #OrlandoVJustin

It's been over 12 hours since Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber and he is still yet to receive a knighthood, the world is wrong

I imagine all the people in this photo just got together to discuss how much they hate JB

when you found out Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber

Just when you think Orlando Bloom couldn't get anymore beautiful

Apparently Orlando bloom hit Justin bieber, what a time to be alive

Word has reached your Uncle Gandalf that Orlando Bloom chinned Justin Bieber last night. Well done sir!! #DontMessWithLegolas

Orlando Bloom reportedly threw a punch towards Justin Bieber, and missed. YOU HAD ONE JOB, ORLANDO!!

Watching Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom fighting is like watching kittens wrestle, but not quite as adorable.

Dear Orlando Bloom - Legolas would've landed that punch. xx


Finally woke up to news of a war I WANT to see. Orlando Bloom punches out Bieber in Ibiza. Now that's an interesting conflict abroad

So, Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber? Not a jury in the world would convict.

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