Live chat: Amazing Race's Cat and Jesse

23:12, Aug 04 2014
Cat and Jesse
THE BIKIES: Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand contestants Cat and Jesse.

Hamilton husband and wife duo Cat and Jesse are one of the New Zealand teams on the new Amazing Race that face off against their Australian rivals. 

The couple applied for the Race to prove to their children (13, 10 and 8 years) that anything is possible. "I would most look forward to crossing that finish line and winning that money because of what it would mean for our kids. It would afford us opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have. The underlying motivation is our kids," says Cat.

This is not Jesse's first time on the small screen. He came fourth in NZ Idol in 2005 after withdrawing from the 2003 competition to be at the birth of their daughter, Carmel. He still writes and performs music, under the names DarkroomJesse, The Darkroom Project and Jesse & The O'Briens.

Join us at midday when Cat and Jesse, dubbed the bikies by other contestants, answer your questions in a live chat. You can already leave your questions and we will try to get as many as possible through to them. 

The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand premiers today at 8.45pm on TV2.