Who's that 'unrhythmic white woman'?

02:15, Aug 05 2014

Apparently, Delta Goodrem can't dance.

That's according to the actor, Marlon Wayans, who is most famous for his role in 2004's buddy-cop film, White Chicks.

The pair happened to be cavorting next to each other on Monday night as Beyonce and Jay Z brought the house down in Pasadena, Los Angeles.

As Goodrem busted out some hands in the air, teenager-at-a-Miley Cyrus-concert-vibes, Wayans took the snap that could throw doubts on Goodrem's considerable dancing ability.

"Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert," he said on Instagram.


"This b***h dancing to AC/DC."  

Wayans' expression said it all, contempt, surprise, fear, all rolled into one sideways glance.

In the process he managed to dismiss two Australian music stars in Goodrem and AC/DC, and ignited the ire of his social media followers.

Goodrem showed she has a sense of humour, tweeting a short clip of Seinfeld's infamous Elaine dance as a response to Wayans.

Had a blast last night. 💜 D x https://t.co/2bD5hVJ6IA

Wayans is the 42-year-old star of the Scary Movie franchise and, with his brothers Keenen, Damon and Shawn, one of the "Wayans brothers".

Since publishing the image, it has been "liked" almost 24,000 times on Instagram and gone "viral" on the internet, picked up by news outlets around the world.

Wayans has pumped out some pretty interesting dance moves in the past himself.

Favourites include "the baseball" and the "home-run," from this late 1990's skit in the Wayans' Bros.  

While White Chicks was a commercial success for the four Wayans brothers, it got panned by critics.

The Chicago Sun Times film critic Richard Roeper rated it the worst firm of 2004 and criticised it for its racist undertones. While also noting its average use of prosthetics. 

"When they did the make up, they should have gone onto the set and said guess what everyone, go home, we don't have a movie," he said in 2004.  

Despite the apparently spontaneous nature of Wayans' photo, it does appear as though Goodrem and Wayans are aware of each others existence.

They follow each other Instagram.

Sydney Morning Herald