Jay-Z's 'mistress' raps Beyonce insults

02:58, Aug 06 2014
Beyonce Knowles
DISS-TRACK: Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z's marriage has become the rapping point for Jay Z's reported mistress

There are so many rumours swirling about how Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage is on the rocks the gossip magazines are running thin on space.

Now a rapper named Liv - who is also one of Jay Z's rumoured mistresses - has released a new diss track attacking the rapper's wife.

The clip, titled I'm Sorry Mrs Carter, is laid over Outkast's 2001 hit Ms Jackson.

In it, Liv denies she ever had sex with Jay Z but piles dirt on Beyonce and claims the Drunk In Love singer will never understand the emotional intimacy between them.

"Me and Jay never screwed," she raps.

"We connected on some hip hop s---, he could be himself with me any day that s---. We were attracted like magnets, us crossing paths was no accident. When I stepped out, I took a piece of his heart."


The track follows Liv's claims last year that Jay Z hit on her shortly before he married Beyonce in 2008.

The warped narrative of this, let's face it, publicity stunt, paints Liv as a victim of both Jay Z's advances and his wife's jealousy.

The song begins with: "I was gonna respect you, but since you crossed over into my lane, it's time to check you.

"Your man? He likes all natural, flawless model chicks like me."

The reason for her problem with Beyonce is unclear.

But she goes on to name drop Jay Z's other possible cheating partners such as Rita Ora in the video. (WARNING: THE VIDEO CONTAINS COARSE LANGUAGE).

The clip is laden with lines from the high-profile couple's own songs, including a disapproving hat-tip to the Drunk in Love catchphrase "serfbort".

"You out here tellin' them how to serfbort. Come on, now. Serfborts. Monica Lewinsky. You a married woman," say the lyrics.

Other highlights of this piece of work include "You got 99 problems, I'm not tryin' to be one", and "all my single ladies better keep in mind when them those tables turn you gon' be the wife".

Liv's website, called Yes Liv Can, claims she has started an "invasion" of some nature, and includes a montage of Jay Z and Nicki Minaj up in flames.

According to the site, Liv was a "problem child" who, with all odds against her, completed college in Chicago with honours before becoming a professional model and musician.