This Ryan Gosling-themed toilet is amazing

04:57, Aug 08 2014

Hey Girl, a sushi restaurant-cum-dance club (um, because plain sashimi is just so lacklustre without heavy beats), has dreamed up an ingenious way to entice the ladies through its doors - make its female bathroom look like a teenage girl's bedroom by covering every inch of it in Ryan Gosling posters.

Yes, San Diego's Bang Bang restaurant has probably just contributed millions to the local economy, and it didn't cost much more than the price of a few TVHits mags and a glue stick. 

The only obvious problem is that no-one wants to go pee in front of their future husband and spoil the romance, amiright?

Still, probably worth the risk.

What's that sound? Oh, just us checking into our flight to San Diego. What? Everybody's doing it...


-Daily Life