Goldenhorse make golden moves

21:38, Feb 17 2009

Goldenhorse are back with their third album, and the band will celebrate by taking to the road with Brooke Fraser and Anika Moa in February.

Goldenhorse guitarist, keyboardist and singer Geoff Maddock said the band will play a special vineyard tour in February with Fraser and Moa.

"I'm excited about that, it's going to be a lovely little jaunt," Maddock says.

Goldenhorse Maddock, Kirsten Morrell, Ben King, Vincent Hine and Nick Gaffaney have just released Reporter, their third album, following the triple-platinum selling Riverhead and platinum selling Out Of The Moon.

After more than seven years in existence, Maddock feels that Goldenhorse have hit their straps.

"It feels great, and that's reflected on the record, which has a tighter sound than our last album."


The band are satisfied with Reporter, which Maddock feels has a darker edge to it than their previous albums, which have a sunny folk-pop feel.

"There's a more sombre feeling on this record, as well as some upbeat songs," Maddock says.

"It changes around a bit, it flows well. I like the different emotions."

If it seems like a while since we last heard from Goldenhorse, it's because they've been busy touring Europe, playing festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Now they're home, the band will probably play some gigs before the February vineyard tour, but they are yet to be confirmed.

For Maddock, playing live is still the biggest thrill in music.

"I'm looking forward to it. It's the best part of it. It's still the greatest way to make and experience music."

Goldenhorse are one of the few bands to be enjoyed across all markets they're played on radio stations as varied as student stations, mainstream pop stations and classic hits stations.

"I think that's really cool," Maddock says of their broad appeal.

"We have mail from people of all ages, saying their kids love it, or older people saying they really like the record, and everything in between. You can't feel bad about that!"

The Winery Tour starts on February 5 at Ascension Vineyard in Matakana, and goes to Gisborne, Martinborough, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Tauranga, Waiheke Island, Nelson and Waipara.


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