Plan comes together for A-Team film

22:03, Jan 28 2009
REUNITING: The A-Team are heading for the big screen.

20th Century Fox's big-screen version of the 1980s series The A-Team is taking shape, with Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces, Narc) in negotiations to direct the action movie.

The TV show followed the adventures of a group of US Army Special Forces who are on the run for a crime they didn't commit.

With its catchphrases and a theme song played by high school bands across the continent, the series became a pop cultural phenomenon and made a star out of Mr T, who played BA ("Bad Attitude") Baracus, the team's surly muscle.

Ridley and Tony Scott's production company, Scott Free, is on board the project, and Stephen J Cannell, who co-created the television show, will serve as a producer.

The trek to bring A-Team to the big screen has been a long one, with various actors, directors and writers involved at various times.

John Singleton was the last director connected to the film, but he left after casting issues stalled the project.

Fox has set a June 11, 2010, release date for the feature, which is written by Skip Woods (Swordfish, Hitman).

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