Olsen twins still watch Full House

22:38, Feb 26 2009
ACTING UP: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen still watch episodes of their old sitcom, Full House.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen still watch re-runs of Full House - the sitcom on which they started their acting career.

The 22-year-old twins shared the part of Michelle in the hit US TV show when they were just nine months old, and Mary-Kate admits they sometimes watch repeated episodes.

She said: "Full House is on all the time. Really. I see that it's on. But last year, Ashley spent the night at my place and I woke up to the theme song at seven in the morning.

"I was like, 'What are you doing?'"

Mary-Kate also revealed show bosses used bribery to get her and Ashley to act when they were babies.

She explained: "We would get little gummy bears - like a gummy bear cut into three pieces. And we'd crawl to the gummy bear or reach for it. The outtakes of Full House are pretty funny.


"We basically learned how to talk in front of the cameras by copying somebody else's words or movements."

The actress added producers also used an unconventional method to decide which sister would star in a certain scene.

She revealed to Interview magazine: "When we were younger, it was basically who wouldn't cry in front of the camera! As we got older, it would be split up by fun scenes. Like, say there was a cake-eating scene or riding an elephant, we'd split it up that way.

"They always tried to make sure it was fair."

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