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NERVOUS WAIT: All Black winger Joe Rokocoko had to sit through a wedding lecture by his partner's father before he could get down on bended knee.
NERVOUS WAIT: All Black winger Joe Rokocoko had to sit through a wedding lecture by his partner's father before he could get down on bended knee.

While the world waits for photos from Doug Howlett’s wedding, gossip mongers are forced to make do with an All Black engagement, a smorgasbord of C-list nuptials and new Dancing with the Stars rumours.

Dougie's wedding pics aren’t due till next week, but Woman’s Weekly has the next best thing – All Black winger Joe Rokocoko’s engagement news. Careful, this one’s a bit of a weepy tale.

“We know each other as being a bit random,” Joe, 24, says of his 22-year-old partner, Beverley Politini.

“We do random things for each other at unexpected moments, so I really wanted the proposal to be like that.”

Joe first approached Beverley’s father to ask for his permission – “he laid down the law ... but he gave me his blessing” – before proposing with a diamond ring he designed himself. The pair were enjoying a midnight swim at a Fijian hotel.

“I was looking up at the stars but then I looked at Joe and saw the ring,” Beverley tells WW. “As I was oohing and aahing over it, he asked, ‘Is that a yes?’ and I said, “That’s a ‘Hell yeah!’”.

The happy couple plan to wed early next year. Unless Beverley’s dad changes his mind.

Meanwhile, you can take your pick of C-list nuptials as Kiwi celebs marry en masse.

New Idea focuses on radio DJ Leah Panapa as she weds workmate and Welshman Mike Nesbitt on Waiheke Island. Unfortunately, Movember was at its peak and the photos were full of terrible ‘taches.

“We’ve always known our wedding had to be fun and lots of laughs”, Leah says. “We are like a pair of naughty kids in a bouncy castle,” Nesbitt adds. What – hot, sweaty and unable to stand on your own two feet?

Woman’s Day covers netballer Jodi Te Huna’s marriage to Otago Nuggets basketball player Markham Brown. Hope you’ve still got those tissues handy.

“I was absolutely stunned,” Markham says about seeing his fiancée walking down the aisle. “She was more beautiful than I could imagine … I had a rush of emotions.”

The pair celebrated with speeches, dinner, cake, dancing and orange jelly beans. Sorry, guys, but black beans are always the best. 

Also hitting the headlines this week:

*Rumours are starting to spread about who will be involved in the next season of Dancing with the Stars. “Richie McCaw absolutely needs to do it,” co-host Candy Lane tells WD. “Otherwise a nice Warrior like Steve Price would be wonderful.” Why don’t they get a real warrior? Surely Temuera Morrison needs a career boost now the Stars Wars glow is fading.

*Telly stars turned out in their droves for last weekend’s 2007 Qantas Television Awards. WD has the best pics, proving that pregnancy suits Bernadine Oliver-Kirby, Mark Sainsbury thought he was at a carpet convention, and Good Morning hosts Steve Gray and Brendon Pongia have the world’s worst moustaches. Time to get your razors out guys.

*In the latest Hollywood news, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have fallen out after David Arquette complained they were spending too much time together; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have written vows that are “as binding as any marriage vow”; and Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning the world’s richest wedding. At $86 million, there’d better be a barbershop quartet of dwarves singing Phil Collins' greatest hits.

Finally, the quote of the week comes from Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell, who wants to silence romantic rumours about her and Quentin Tarantino: “I hate to tell you people, but there’s nothing going on. I do adore him (but) there has never been anything romantic and he and I both crack up at the concept.”

That clears that up. Anyone mentioning the rumours again will get a swift kick in the head. Got it?

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