<i>Rhyme Book - Scribe</i>

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The most anticipated sophomore album in New Zealand hip-hop history explodes out of the speakers sounding, well, a lot like a desperate attempt to be considered the Aotearoa version of Kanye West.
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That in itself would be understandable if Rhyme Book aped the Kanye of Graduation, but this sounds like West's 2005 album, Late Registration.

From the over-the-top but go-nowhere hyped up efforts of the opening track (Jeremiah 1) we are told, via Don't Look Back, of the wild ride that Scribe has had, from his debut (The Crusader) to this similarly thin-sounding facsimile of pop-rap.

First single, My Shit, is next. Sounding like an aural business card this song also sounds like a very weak version of 50 Cent.

Which is saying something when you consider that 50 Cent sounds a lot like a weak version of 50 Cent these days.

I know, I know, hating Scribe is easy, right? The album is not embarrassing – which is a step up after the cringingly unlistenable The Crusader.

But when the best thing you can say about an album is that it comes with a free pencil. Well?

  • Scribe's Rhyme Book is out now through Dirty Records.
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