The Killers apologise to Christchurch

02:40, Apr 22 2009
WE'LL BE BACK: Dave Keuning has apologised to Christchurch after The Killers cancelled a tour date, but says the band will be back in the near future.

The Killers caused an outcry when they cancelled a Christchurch tour date, but apologetic guitarist Dave Keuning has promised the Las Vegas rock act will be back.

The acclaimed four piece, who released their third album Day & Age last year, originally scheduled two New Zealand tour dates on March 31 in Christchurch and April 2 in Auckland.

But the band cancelled the Christchurch show in February, citing "personal reasons", and moved the Auckland show to April 8.

The change prompted concerned fans from the South Island city to write in to and voice their displeasure.

Speaking ahead of next Wednesday's Auckland show, Keuning said The Killers - headed by flamboyant front man Brandon Flowers - were "sorry" for the cancelled tour date, and promised to return to Christchurch.

"I'm disappointed. I wanted to do that show and there was just a bunch of scheduling stuff going on at once," he said.


"I'm sorry and I really hope we come back because I'd really love to come back if they want us."

Keuning, who was speaking to from Paris at the end of a European tour, said The Killers had every intention of returning to New Zealand after their Auckland show.

"I had a great time there (at the Big Day Out in 2007). The fans were great. I remember not knowing much about New Zealand when I got there and when I left it was honestly a place I wanted to come back to, and I'm not just saying that.

"(We're going to do) more of Auckland and Christchurch and I'd like to go to Wellington too. There are so many places on Earth to hit!"

In Auckland, the band will be performing songs from Day & Age, and older hits like Mr Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, When You Were Young and For Reasons Unknown.

Keuning said they would have "one of the craziest LED light systems" ever used in a show.

He also addressed the ongoing sound problems which have plagued several performances at the 12,500-capacity Vector Arena. Fans complain of echoes and distortion, especially while seated near the back.

"It seems like that happens a lot with new venues. New venues get a bad rap. I don't know anything about it but we'll do our best with our sound guy to fix the problem."

Keuning said he had taken up reading books to fill in any boredom he suffered on tour.

But one thing he, or the rest of the band, will not be doing in New Zealand is getting a tattoo - like recent visitors Chris Brown and Rihanna.

"I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to have on my body for the rest of my life," he said.

"I very nearly got the Ghostbusters symbol tattooed when I was really drunk. Luckily I had a sober person with me who was like, 'Why don't you get it tomorrow?'

"It was a good movie, but still ..."

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