'Eat her pets' - Sly's bizarre chat-up advice

01:43, Jan 31 2009
FUNNY MAN: Sylvester Stallone says the best chat-up lines are funny - including threats to eat a girl's pets.

Sylvester Stallone says men should eat the pets of any girl who won't date them.

The Rambo star - who is married to model Jennifer Flavin - says his best dating tip is to tell a woman you will devour her most prized possession unless she agrees to go out with you.

He said: "Basically just tell her if you don't go out with me I'm going to find the thing you love the most and eat it, whether it be your dog or your bird!"

Sylvester, 61, is famous for his macho persona, but insists he is a completely different person off screen.

He said: "Seriously, it's all about the humour. I find if you keep people smiling, that's the most macho you can be."

Sylvester is currently starring in Rambo, the fourth instalment in the series following the life of war veteran John Rambo.


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