Nicky Watson bares her body and soul

01:43, Jan 31 2009
SHOWING IT OFF: A new documentary on Nicky Watson followed the celebrity around the country as she shot her new calendar.

Nicky Watson exposes both flesh and feelings in a new TV documentary which follows the Kiwi cover girl as she shoots her first-ever calendar.

Cameras track the pin-up's progress on a road trip from the sand dunes in Cape Reinga to Larnach Castle in Dunedin recording everything from her thoughts on being a sex symbol to her handiness with a roll of duct tape.

Along the way, acclaimed photographer Scott McAulay scouts out a series of locations for the calendar which is on sale now.

"The best part of it all was spending four weeks on the road with some of my best friends and travelling the length of one of the most beautiful countries in the world," Nicky said.

"I've been fortunate enough to do a lot of things throughout my career but never a calendar, so it was on my list of things to do."

In Nicky Watson: Calendar Girl, screening on Sky 1 on October 17, the 30-year-old supermodel speaks about how the calendar will become a family heirloom.


"How cool will it be to be able to show my grandchildren how beautiful New Zealand is and the fact that granny's boobs didn't used to go down to her ankles," she says, laughing.

Images in the calendar feature Nicky modelling skimpy bikinis and lingerie against a backdrop of dramatic scenery.

As the team, including Nicky's protege Portia Wilson, battle rain, wind and cold, the Christchurch native strips down to next to nothing before frolicking in waterfalls, on icy glaciers and in underground caves.

"One of my favourite locations to shoot in was Fox Glacier. The whole experience was an honour because we were making history at so many locations," she said.

"No one else in the world has gone almost 70 metres below the surface into a cave millions of years old and jumped into a very cold pool for a swimsuit calendar!"

Despite her seductive poses and buxom figure, Nicky, who is single, says she does not see herself as a sex symbol.

"Personally, I consider myself a tomboy," she said.

  • Nicky Watson: Calendar Girl screens on Sky 1 on October 17 at 9.30pm.
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