Russell Brand visits fetish club

16:00, Nov 24 2009
Russell Brand and Katy Perry
LOVEBIRDS: Comedian Russell Brand with US singer Katy Perry.

Russell Brand phoned girlfriend Katy Perry every 15 minutes while out at a fetish club.

The 34-year-old British comedian - who is known for his womanising ways and has been linked with a string of famous beauties over the years - has been dating the ''I Kissed a Girl' singer for the past two months and is desperate to prove he can be faithful.

Russell - who was at the launch of a "decadent fetish" club in east London called Porn Dwarf - reportedly spent most of the evening dashing out to his car to ring his 25-year-old girlfriend to prove nothing was going on.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Russell agreed to go to the club opening as it was being launched by a few of his friends. Everyone was wearing leather - it's billed as a decadent fetish night, so Russell got into the spirit of things.

"Dwarfs were working behind the bar and at one point Russell was seen having a deep and meaningful chat with a midget, gushing about the love of his life."

Russell has previously pledged himself to Katy and insisted he will not get intimate with anyone other than her.

He quipped: "I've taken a pledge. I can't break it now. There will be no more threesomes."


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