Aussie gangster show Underbelly pulled

01:43, Jan 31 2009
BAD RATINGS: TV3 has pulled Aussie gangsta show <i>Underbelly</i> from its schedule because of low ratings.

Controversial crime show Underbelly has been pulled from Sunday night's schedule by TV3 after only three of its scheduled 13 episodes.

The Melbourne gangland show was launched on TV3 with a double episode on March 30 and was touted by the channel as "the most highly anticipated series of the year".

A brief message on the TV3 website last night said Underbelly was no longer screening as it was not performing as expected in the time slot.

It said the programme would return "very soon".

The TV3 call centre in Auckland confirmed that Underbelly was pulled because of poor ratings.

The show is based on the gangland war in Melbourne between 1995 and 2004.

A Supreme Court judge ordered it off the air in Victoria in February.

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