Celebrities spark 'vajazzling' trend

LOOKING GOOD: Jennifer Love-Hewitt is  a big fan of vajazzling.
LOOKING GOOD: Jennifer Love-Hewitt is a big fan of vajazzling.

You can blame Actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt for bringing Brazilian bling into the mainstream when she admitted to vajazzling earlier this year.

Vajazzling involves dressing up a Brazilian wax with crystals applied "down there".

"After a break-up, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my precious lady and it shined (sic) like a disco ball ... women should vajazzle their vajay-jays, I am currently vajazzled ... it's cute,'' she said during an appearance on American TV show Lopez Tonight.

But while vajazzling may be fun for a special occasion it's not about to become an everyday trend for women, according to the editor of how-to beauty website primped.com.au, Yasemin Turker.

"Jennifer Love Hewitt and her admission to vajazzling was definitely the catalyst for making the process more popular, but is it a trend that's going to become a part of everyday life for women? No, I don't think so," she says.

She says vajazzling is more likely to be reserved for special occasions like a wedding, hens night, anniversaries or Valentines Day.

"Brazilians are definitely more normal now, its almost expected that women remove the majority, if not all of their hair, and with that comes a new wave of quirky ideas for the experimental woman.

"There are DIY kits available if you want to do it yourself, these are cheap and relatively easy to apply, but I'm yet to discover a salon in Australia who does it for you," Turker says.