Lohan reunited with estranged dad

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her estranged father.

The Mean Girls actress had the emotional meeting with dad Michael at Utah's Cirque Lodge, where she is currently being treated for drink and drug addiction.

Lindsay's mother, Dina, confirmed: "Lindsay, myself and my son, Michael Jr, agreed that it would be good for her to have some closure with the situation with her dad. It's part of the healing process."

Lindsay had not seen her dad since March, after he was released from prison and Dina - who is divorced from Michael - is pleased father and daughter are trying to repair their damaged relationship.

Dina said: "I wanted it to happen for Lindsay. She needed to do this for herself. It's still her father, no matter how you slice it. It's still her dad, and God willing he'll get it."

When Michael arrived at the Utah facility an emotional Lindsay greeted him with a huge hug in the car park.


An onlooker said: "The moment Lindsay saw Michael, she started running and jumped into her father's arms. He hugged her back and swung her around. It was very emotional."

Michael later said: "I can't comment on my relationship with my daughter. But the reunion was amazing."

Lindsay, 21, entered the rehab centre following her arrest on July 24 after she crashed her car following a high-speed car chase in Santa Monica. She was in possession of cocaine when she was taken into custody.

It is the troubled actress' third stint in rehab. She previously stayed at the Wonderland and Promises facilities in Los Angeles.

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