Mr T's Snickers ad 'offensive to gays'

01:43, Jan 31 2009
GET SOME NUTS: This Mr T commerical has been pulled over concerns it could cause offence to homosexuals.

A British commercial for a chocolate bar featuring The A Team star Mr T has been pulled over concerns it could cause offence to homosexuals.

The commercial features Mr T firing chocolate bars at a speed walker for being "a disgrace to the man race".

It has been criticised by the Human Rights Campaign and has been pulled from screens by American chocolate giant Mars.

It opens with the former star of The A Team crashing through a building on the back of a truck and pulling alongside a man speed walking in tight yellow shorts.

Mr T yells at him: "Speed walking. I pity you fool. You a disgrace to the man race. It's time to run like a real man."

He then repeatedly fires Snickers bars out of a cannon at him, forcing the victim to break into a run.


The commercial ends with the slogan: "Get some nuts."

The ad was first broadcast in Britain on July 13, and just two complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority.

But The Guardian reported the ad caused a storm overseas.

The Human Rights Campaign criticised Mars for perpetuating "the notion that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is a group of second class citizens and that violence against GLBT people is not only acceptable, but humorous".

A spokesperson for Mars told The Guardian that the ad was meant to be "fun".

"We understand that humour is highly subjective, and it is never our intention to cause offence.

"Accordingly, we have pulled the Mr T Speedwalker ad globally."

The video has been viewed 165,000 times on YouTube.

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