Conchords comedian shows sci-fi side (+video)

01:43, Jan 31 2009
CHANGE OF PACE: Jemaine Clement shows off a different character in new film, <i>Gentlemen Broncos</i>.

Best known as the bespectacled half of hit comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, Wellington's Jemaine Clement has shown another side in a clip from the new movie by the director of Napoleon Dynamite.

Clement plays a character based on himself in the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, and also played a similar role in the Wellington comedy feature Eagle vs Shark.

But a promotional clip from his starring role in new American comedy Gentlemen Broncos, reveals there's much more to the perfomer than we have seen before.

Gone are the glasses and even, for the first time, the Kiwi accent.

Instead, playing successful sci-fi writer Dr Ronald Chevalier and wearing a safari suit, Clement sports an immaculately sculpted and beard and speaks in a British accent reminiscent of actor James Mason.

The clip on YouTube has Chevalier promoting "the art of relaxating" to clear his mind and boasts of being the author of The Cyborg Harpies, Hag Borgs and spin-off Hag Ball.


In the film, from Jared Hess of the cult film Napoleon Dynamite, Chevalier steals a story idea by a young author played by Michael Angarano.

Gentlemen Broncos will be released next year.

Watch the clip below:

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