Actress turns down 'sick' sex scene

01:43, Jan 31 2009
THAT'S SICK: Actress Thandie Newton refused to film a sex scene in her new film Rocknrolla because her co-star was sick.

Thandie Newton refused to film a sex scene with co-star Gerard Butler in RocknRolla because he was ill.

The 35-year-old actress - who plays stunning accountant Stella in Guy Ritchie’s new movie - insisted the scene didn’t involve her kissing him after she realised how sick Gerard was.

Thandie - who is only seen romping with the hunky actor in the movie - said: "I arrived on set for the sex scene to find Gerry was very unwell indeed. So I wouldn’t kiss him.

"Guy had to improvise. I don’t know how he coped with those problems but it ended up being one of the most brilliant scenes. But I did find it challenging having to climax in a close-up to camera."

Thandie also said she really enjoyed shooting the gangster movie because she liked being around the predominantly male cast.

The actress added: "One of the things I really liked about the film was that on set it was just me surrounded by men! It was a lot less chat but it was great."


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