Victim outraged over Fortune star's unpaid bill

01:43, Jan 31 2009
RAGING: Outrageous Fortune star Siobhan Marshall crashed her van into a car and then refused to pay the $1600 bill for the damage.

Outrageous Fortune star Siobhan Marshall crashed her van into a car driven by a middle-aged couple and then refused to pay the $1600 bill for the damage, saying she'd been overcharged.

Siobhan, 25, who plays ditzy Pascalle West in the hit TV3 show, was driving with a dog on her lap when she rear-ended the Toyota Trueno which had stopped at a give way sign in central Auckland, the Toyota's driver said.

The Tauranga grandmother who asked to not be named said the actress offered to pay for the damage, saying she didn't want her insurance affected.

The woman was quoted $1600 for the repairs.

But after several frustrating weeks of waiting for Siobhan to pay, she and her partner went through their own insurance company to get the work done.

"After we got the quote for the work, we told Siobhan and she said she'd transfer the money the next day she rang us three times and we kept waiting," the woman told Sunday News.


"But that car is my partner's pride and joy and in the end we just got it fixed.

"What annoyed me is that I later found out she had just returned from a trip around Europe and was about to start filming Outrageous Fortune while we're retired with zero income."

The accident happened in March, when the couple were in Auckland visiting friends.

Siobhan, driving a white van, was in the process of moving house.

The grandmother didn't think the actress's van was damaged in the crash but said the rear of her Toyota was badly dented and the brake lights popped out of their sockets.

An Outrageous Fortune spokeswoman told Sunday News: "Siobhan confirmed that on the day she did exchange details and agreed to reimburse the costs of any damage caused by her.

"However, it is Siobhan's understanding that the bill for $1600 covers more than cost of repairing the damage she caused and, as such, this cost is in dispute.

"Siobhan has passed the details of the incident on to her insurance company to deal with on her behalf."

But the Tauranga woman said: "I sent her copies of the quote the paint job alone took three days and cost $600.

"If she was disputing the cost, it was up to her to ring us and arrange for us to take it elsewhere."

Siobhan is filming series five of Outrageous Fortune.


Sunday News