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Hieroglyphic-style street art is being transformed into the moving digital illusion Rube.

Hieroglyphic-style street art is being transformed into the moving digital illusion Rube.

DeLUXe light

Their prolific and sometimes sinister street art can be found all over Wellington and from August 21-20 one of the city's laneways will be transformed by a new BMD mural and brought to life with digital animation as part of LUX light festival. The duo behind BMD, who prefer to keep their identities hidden, are collaborating with performance designer Ian Hammond and interaction designer Johann Nortje to transform their hieroglyphic-style street art into the moving digital illusion Rube. Inspired by Rube Goldberg machines, the projection will change the static images into a series of animations, triggered one after another. The mural will reference its surroundings in Opera House Lane, including back alley motifs and Wellington landmarks. 

Prima Australina

Kiwi dancer Katherine Sonnekus, 17, has beaten the best of the Australians on their own turf. The South African-born Sonnekus earned a Royal Danish Ballet summer school scholarship in 2015 but had to return early to prepare for the Sydney Eisteddfod, where she had qualified for the top eight finalists out of over 170 dancers. Sonnekus was runner-up at the 2015 McDonald's Senior Ballet Scholarship, being the outright female winner of five and the only Kiwi dancer. This year she also started studying full-time at the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy in Sydney under Australian prima ballerina Lucinda Dunn.

Music in a bottle

The Police may have sung about a message in a bottle but Wellington duo Electric Wire Hustle have gone one better with music in a bottle.  The group has partnered with Rogue Gin Society and Loop to create a world first – a limited edition run of music infused gin.  "The current climate calls for lateral thinking when you're trying to do things independently. Electric Wire Hustle, Loop & Rogue Society are working from that same place of how do we get our craft out there to people when there is so much background noise," Electric Wire Hustle's Mara T K says. "We feel like we are doing good things, creating high quality product and this is our way of saying 'we're here',"  The bottle comes with a download of their new EP Aeons, which is released on August 19.

Kiwi's polish

London-based mezzo soprano Maureen Tarler returns to New Zealand for concerts in Hamilton and Auckland at the end of the month before she puts the polish on her Polish. "After living in London for almost 20 years, it's so nice to come home where it's quiet and not crowded," she says. "London is just too big." Tarler is preparing for one of her toughest challenges on stage – a starring role in Polish composer Stanislaw Moniuszko's  Straszny Dwor (The Haunted Manor).  "I auditioned in April for the part," Tarler says. "I had coaching for the Polish pronunciation and am still getting help. I'm used to singing in Italian, Latin, German,  French and a few other languages so why not Polish."

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