Bieber wades into NZ flag debate video


Justin Bieber caused a stir among hundreds of waiting fans as he turned up to an interview with the Edge.

Justin Bieber has joined the debate over the New Zealand flag, using a Kiwi radio interview today to plead for no change to the existing ensign.

Edge radio host Dom Harvey says Bieber was ready to proffer his opinion on the great debate in an interview recorded with the radio station during Bieber's flying Auckland visit on Thursday afternoon.

After seeing the current design and the new contenders, including 'Red Peak', Bieber said he couldn't understand why New Zealand wanted a change: "Are you guys not confident in your flag? It looks fine to me."

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Harvey said it was the third time Bieber had appeared on their show, the first when Bieber was just 16 and had just broken through. "Every time he has always been quite lovely, quite a contrast from the way he is often portrayed by the media. 

"He was great: Polite and friendly, very chilled out and low key."

Justin Bieber in studio with radio hosts Jay Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey

Justin Bieber in studio with radio hosts Jay Jay Feeney and Dom Harvey

Bieber told the radio show he had already been to Victoria Park for a late-night skate session with his bodyguards and hoped to add a bungy jump or sky dive before he departs tomorrow.

Bieber also signed a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, which the station will give away as a prize to fans.

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