More FM DJ Simon Barnett confronted by woman he'd been ribbing on air


Simon Barnett was confronted by a woman live on air after he told a story about her complaining at a coffee shop.

Some may argue it's simply the nature of radio, while others may claim it's just pure bad luck.

More FM's Simon Barnett could argue it's both. The More FM Breakfast with Si & Gary co-host shared a story Tuesday morning, with legions of radio listeners after encountering a "feisty" and "frightening" cafe customer, only to later discover the woman was in fact listening in.

"Yesterday, after I left the studio here I went to a meeting, at a coffee shop," said Barnett. "I won't say which one it was, in case the person that was there is listening, and I really hope not, because she was really feisty, she frightened me."

Simon Barnett was busted talking about an angry cafe customer on air, only to have the woman call up and confront the DJ.

Simon Barnett was busted talking about an angry cafe customer on air, only to have the woman call up and confront the DJ.

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"A woman beside me had ordered two large coffees," Barnett continued. "So the waitress comes out, puts them [the coffee cups] on the counter, and she goes, man I hope she's not listening, she goes 'that'll be all milky and horrible, I don't want that.'"

Gary McCormick, Barnett's co-host then chimed in suggesting the customer should always take it upon themselves to determine which size coffee cup is which, prior to ordering.

"She was not going to pay," Barnett said, "she would not have taken those coffees and she would not have paid."

The customer, who had since been alerted by her boss she was being talked about live on national radio, then rang the radio station to confront a no doubt red-faced Barnett over the phone.

Prior to picking up the irate coffee customer's call, Barnett wondered if it was a stitch up, "this is too embarrassing!" he said.

"Louise, I'm so sorry, look I exaggerate stuff all the time, when I said you were feisty and all that, I was just joking."

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The coffee cup customer, who appeared to be taking it all in her stride, responded: "My  fiance will find great humour in that when I tell him tonight," before continuing, "I did actually offer to re-pay them, to get the size that I wanted. They got a bit flustered, I don't think they actually knew what to do, maybe because I was so scary."

"Can I just ask this, did you feel any sense of embarrassment saying that's not what you ordered?" Barnett said.

"I think I was just shocked because it was so huge" she replied. "Seriously, you wouldn't even get a coffee hit."


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