Chinese Democracy 'banned in China'

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Chinese Democracy, the first album of new material by notorious rock act Guns N' Roses in 15 years, has been banned in China, it has been reported.

The Wall Street Journal reported the album, which went on sale over the weekend, won't be made available for sale or distribution in China because of its name.

Chinese music importing officials said local record distributors shouldn't bother ordering the album as anything with the word "democracy" in the title is "not going to work".

The Journal reported Chinese Guns N' Roses fans were discussing the album online using cryptic language to sidestep censors.

The band's front man, Axl Rose, chose the album title years ago, and its name as become something of an industry in-joke for albums that never get made.

But the reclusive Rose said there was meaning behind the title in a 1999 interview.


"Well, there's a lot of Chinese democracy movements, and it's something that there's a lot of talk about, and it's something that will be nice to see. It could also just be like an ironic statement," he said.

"I don't know, I just like the sound of it."

Rose is a regular visitor to China and is reportedly concerned he won't be allowed back now that his new album has stirred up controversy. reviewer Chris Schulz gave the album four stars out of five, saying it was "an exhilarating, guitar-fuelled, fist-pumping riot that never settles for anything less than thrilling".

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