Rihanna's Kiwi tattoo 'hurt like hell'

01:43, Jan 31 2009
NEW TATTOO: Rihanna says her new Maori-inspired tattoo 'hurt like hell' when she had it done backstage during her New Zealand tour.

Rihanna says her new Maori-inspired tattoo "hurt like hell".

The pop star and her partner Chris Brown both received new tattoos during their recent New Zealand tour.

The musical couple reportedly had the tattoos done on their hands and wrists backstage during their two sold out shows at Auckland's Vector Arena.

Rihanna, 20, said the tattoos were inspired by traditional Maori designs.

"It's tribal. It represents strength and love," she said.

"It's their traditional way of tattooing. I always wanted (one) ... (But) it hurt like hell!"

Rihanna and Brown, 19, have also had matching star designs tattooed on their backs. 

The couple are among the world's biggest pop stars, with several chart-topping hits to their names.

* Check out photos of Rihanna's new tattoo here.