Twihard's tears over Kristen's cheat

First there was Chris Crocker pleading with the world to leave Britney alone. Now it would seem British twihard Emma Clark wins the award for the most impassioned online rant about her newfound distaste for Kristen Stewart.

While Crocker's performance was later revealed to be a hoax, Clarke, known online as "Nutty Madam", seems genuinely aghast at the latest revelations that Stewart cheated on her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

She is a known twihard, with an entry in the online Urban Dictionary describing Clark as a "batshit crazy British woman who posts videos on YouTube about twilight. When she isn't contradicting herself and ranting in her videos, she is filming her reactions to anything and everything Twilight-related".

According to the entry, Clark has said in the past she cried for 90 minutes after she finished watching third instalment Breaking Dawn.

In her latest video entitled How Could You Do This Kristen?!, Clark goes on a nearly four-and-a-half minute rant about the recently uncovered affair between Kristen Stewart and Snow White and the huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

She bursts into tears, refuses to believe it's real and then tells everyone to back off.

"I don't understand how she could do this. What's the point of cheating on Robert Pattinson? What do you stand to achieve by cheating on Robert Pattinson?," she asks.

"I'm so not okay with this."

Today she also took to her Twitter page to call Stewart a "hussy" one final time before going to bed.

Fellow online protector of the stars Crocker had also tweeted her after the release of her video saying "Just saw the video of the Twilight (Kristen/Robert) fan. Keep your head up. (And to the people picking on her) Leave her alone. XO" [sic]

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