Radio NZ pulls plug on Noelle McCarthy

01:43, Jan 31 2009
OFF AIR: Broadcaster Noelle McCarthy won't be on air until Boxing Day after Radio NZ fresh cases of suspected plagiarism.

Radio New Zealand has pulled Noelle McCarthy off air until Boxing Day after an inquiry uncovered fresh cases of suspected plagiarism.

RNZ said yesterday that it had "identified a very small number of other instances" in which McCarthy had not adequately attributed information she used.

"These further examples have been discussed with her."

It would not reveal details of the latest incidents, but said they had been found during a detailed review of broadcast "essay items" by McCarthy on the 46 occasions she presented the Afternoons show this year.

The public broadcaster issued a statement to staff on Wednesday in which McCarthy apologised for using works without proper attribution.

It originally said she would remain on air - but yesterday said she would not be heard again till Boxing Day, when she was contracted to present Summer Noelle.


McCarthy told The Dominion Post last night that she was satisfied with RNZ's investigation.

"They have been in a process. That is something that I welcomed and understood needed to happen. This is simply the result of that."

The investigation began after the Sunday Star-Times highlighted three instances in which McCarthy failed to attribute sources.

Items on octopuses, Halloween and Wimbledon fashion drew heavily on articles printed in British newspapers.


The Dominion Post