TV fans applaud Goodnight Kiwi's return (+video)

01:43, Jan 31 2009
WAKING UP: The Goodnight Kiwi is returning after a 14-year absence from New Zealand television screens.

Iconic New Zealand television character the Goodnight Kiwi is back, and nostalgic fans are pretty happy about it, judging by feedback received on

The Sunday Star-Times reported the Goodnight Kiwi, and his friend the cat, will return to New Zealand TV screens from today after a 14 year absence.

The original animation sequence in which the kiwi and a cat put out an empty milk bottle, climb a flight of stairs and take a lift to the top of a satellite tower before settling into bed in the satellite dish screened from 1980 to October 1994.

The sequence signalled the end of television programming for the night, however the extension of viewing hours meant they were no longer needed. Until now.

Three new cat and kiwi sequences have been made to air over the holiday viewing period, TVNZ had confirmed. TV fans were delighted by the news, with the website receiving more than 160 positive comments on the story.


"It is so cool that the Goodnight Kiwi is coming back on air - it should be on our Kiwiana list, up there with our buzzy bee and pavlova," said New Zealander Diane Tuatini, from Brisbane.

"We are all delighted the Goodnight Kiwi is coming back to our NZ screens permanently," said poster Elizabeth McHardy.

"I shall be sending it around the world to my grownup children who have so many happy fond childhood memories of it."

Christine Barnes said: "It represents something comforting and safe that is truly us and it cuts across the cultures."

Others suggested the Goodnight Kiwi should be used as a warning that adult programming was beginning and it was bedtime for kids.

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* Watch the original Goodnight Kiwi video below: