Facebook blocks DJ over body paint pic

02:15, Aug 27 2012
Jay Jay Feeney, Dom Harvey
RISQUE: Jay Jay Feeney, in the body paint suit, with husband Dom Harvey.

Auckland radio DJ Jay Jay Feeney has become embroiled in a row with Facebook over a decision to upload photos of herself in a risqué body paint suit at the weekend.

Feeney, who works for The Edge, wore the "suit" while hosting a Hallenstein Brothers staff awards event on Saturday night with husband and fellow DJ Dom Harvey.

"Dom was going to wear the body paint suit and then at the last minute I just decided I would do it. Everyone enjoyed it and everyone was laughing and cheering, "Feeney said.

Before she went to the event Feeney tried to upload a picture of her and her husband in their respective suits to her Facebook page, however, shortly afterwards she was blocked from accessing it.

"I didn't think it was so bad. There are fan pages on Facebook which have cancer jokes and those pages are able to exist and in my opinion they are far more offensive than my body paint," Feeney said.

Feeney has since tweeted: "Painted boobs ok in public but not on Facebook - now there's a twist!" and "I feel so naked without my Facebook page, which is ironic since that's the reason I got blocked!"

Feeney said that the body paint suit was so meticulously applied that some people who attended the awards did not realise it was actually body paint.

She said there was a plethora of people at the awards ceremony who wanted photographs taken with her but after 45 minutes she decided she had enough and covered up.

"There was nothing holding my boobs and my love handles were sticking out, "she said.

Feeney was banned from Facebook in October last year after uploading images of US singer Jason Derülo rubbing a tanning glove over her breasts and torso.
Facebook warned her that if she kept disobeying the Facebook rules she would be permanently banned and her page would be disabled.


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