The four most memorable TV meltdowns video

Willy Moon listens as wife Natalia Kills lets rip with her controversial comments on the X Factor.

Willy Moon listens as wife Natalia Kills lets rip with her controversial comments on the X Factor.

As the old adage says, when it comes to showbusiness, you should never work with children or animals.

It would also be safe to rule out the following familiar faces, for those hoping to err on the side of caution.

From judging panel rants to a very awkward q&a with John Campbell, there's nothing quite like a full-blown meltdown on the small screen to reassure us all we're still sane.

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Here's to four of the more memorable on-air hissy fits...

1. Natalia Kills on The X Factor NZ, 2015
We couldn't forget this shocker if we tried. First of all, nobody saw it coming. While Natalia Kills and Willy Moon quickly became renowned for their unconventional critiques and outlandish feedback, Kills' open-fire rant left poor contestant Joe Irvine completely speechless. As Irvine wrapped up his Buble rendition, Kills let loose with an unforgiving tirade. "You're a laughing stock, I'm embarrassed to be here," she said. "It was artistically atrocious."
Kills' very public on-air meltdown sparked a world-wide media storm and outrage at the couple, who were swiftly removed from the show's judging panel. The X-Factor creator Simon Cowell later branded Kills "mad" and "hateful".

2. Rawdon Christie's 'Don't Hire a Hot Nanny' rant, 2015
Things got very awkward indeed when TVOne's Breakfast host Rawdon Christie tried to decode Hollywood's many marital problems. As his all-female co-hosts listened intently, Christie continued to dig himself a hole while explaining actress Jennifer Garner shouldn't have hired a 'hot' nanny if she didn't want her husband to cheat on her. "All I'm saying is, what did you expect, don't hire a hot nanny?". Co-hosts Alison Pugh and Nadine Chalmers-Ross were not amused and nor was the Twitterverse.

3. Bob Jones punches television reporter in the face, 1985
Despite the controversial former MP being out of frame for the majority of this meltdown, Bob Jones certainly made his presence felt when a bloody-faced Rod Vaughn resurfaced to continue his news broadcast. The Eyewitness News team were unceremoniously urged to leave the property, despite their best efforts to speak to a less than impressed Mr Jones. "My cameraman is also very bruised," Vaughn said. Jones then charged back off into the bush, urging the camera crew to "get the f**ck off my property". Hell hath no fury like Bob Jones.

4. Helen Clark's 'sanctimonious little creep' John Campbell #Corngate interview, 2002
There is no doubt about it that this would have made for extraordinary viewing. And to think, all this drama over a little genetically-modified corn? In an interview to trump all others, then Prime Minister Helen Clark gave TV3 journalist John Campbell an old-fashioned telling off after she felt sideswiped by his interview questions. "The more the interview goes on, the more offended I am that TV3 thinks it's appropriate to set the Prime Minister up on an issue like this," said Clark. When Campbell suggested Clark knew far more than she was letting on, the former Prime Minister labelled the interview an ambush. In arguably the most famous quote of the 2002 election campaign, Clark later dubbed Campbell a "sanctimonious little creep".

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